I can understand your logic.
Renae Tobias

You’re right, my socialism analogy is flawed on many levels.

In the general populace, it is especially flawed. In the Evangelical realm that I grew up in however, it is a bit more accurate. Specifically in regards to the “Eve” deal, which was/is used as a reason for why “men must be in power”. It’s the basis for the dictation that women/girls must not dress in a certain way, etc. and why in the Evangelical world, women and girls generally aren’t believed when they have been raped or sexually assaulted. Generally they are told that if they had “only obeyed the rules” then it never would have happened or “something happened, but it didn’t happen in the way that you think it did”.

They ignore completely that rape and sexual assault has almost nothing to do with sexuality, but instead is based on power or the abuse there of.

Guerilla war isn’t bad. It has some flaws too, since it brings to mind a small overpowered force, trying to upset a much larger and more powerful force.

God damn, this is complicated.

Whatever we call it, keep up the good fight!