Like all design firms, it’s important that we have a trendy looking website to impress our clients, and provide us with topics to blog about.

Since we set out in 2012, Etch has worked with dozens of Startups and Multinational companies to design and engineer Software. We’ve established long-term relationships with clients to help them improve and maintain their online services.

All of these connections were made thanks to a collection of hardworking pixels…

Why go to the Lab, if the Lab can come to you?

TL;DR — We wanted to setup an Open Device Lab at Etch, but it wasn’t practical. So we created a compact ODL that fits into a case. Now we’re setting up a non-profit hire service called Labcase.

Part 1: Backstory

Each month at Etch we take a breather from project work for a hackday. Typically we spend our time experimenting with the latest web tech, or creating something light-hearted like SJWN or iFaux 5. This year we intend to focus each hackday on making something useful.

A few weeks ago, whilst on one of our regular wake-up-shake-ups, we started talking about an…

Jim Ramsden

Designer from the UK. I work @etch where we design and build software for devices, big and small.

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