Eat What You Want. I’m Serious.

We are currently wrapped in a fitness culture that markets the extreme and the phony. From both sides we are constantly being hit.

On one hand, we are told that if we cut out gluten, sugar, artificial sweeteners, GMOs, and grain that we will burn fat because our bodies cannot handle these ingredients.

On the other hand, we are told to drink these magical concoctions of lemon, cinnamon, turmeric, and cayenne pepper and that will increase our metabolism and burn fat for us.

What do I think? Eat what you want.


I think most of you are angry. I believe most of you are sick and tired of being treated like a customer only. There is a better way to reach the masses than by trying to rip dollars ($$$) from their hands. The Fitness Industry has not yet learned this.

The way forward is to thoroughly reject pseudoscience and to become a well-informed consumer. Email us anytime with questions about a product and we would happily give you our opinion on the science and research on the product.


A lot of trainers and fitness professionals have tips and tricks that they should be giving out for FREE. Instead, the fitness industry has become entitled and most feel they should be paid for every little piece of advice.

That is such crap.

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Why did I say that you should eat what you want?

Because I literally believe it. No seriously, I do!

I am a big fan of flexible dieting or what can also be known as “If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM). This is a fitness term that describes a diet made up of specific calorie and macronutrient goals. As long as the individual is hitting these goals, their diet should be a success, regardless of how often they “cheat”.

I am probably 90% strict dieting and 10% freedom. That 10% keeps me sane. I have done diets that were 100% strict, and the results were always the same. See if you can identify with these:

  • Initial Success
  • An enormous amount of cravings
  • Increased Diet Cheating
  • Plateau
  • Quit Diet
  • Regain Weight

How is this cycle a long term solution? There is a better approach.


Step 1 — Listen to this podcast episode on forming the best diet for yourself — PODCAST LINK

Step 2 — Commit for the long haul. Reject 20 and 30 day goals. Play for 6 and 12 month goals instead

Step 3 — Do not cut entire food groups out. Restrictive diets do not work. Period.

Step 4 — Form good habits and become consistent with them. Eat properly. Workout properly. No excuses. No skipping.

Step 5 (if applicable) — Pay a professional coach. Our eCoaching (click) platform is $199/month. That is an insane amount of value. Just having 24/7 access to your own personal eCoach alone is a great investment . This is a great step if you want a true fitness professional to make exercise and nutrition programs for you as well as help you along the way.

Originally published at on February 19, 2017.