A brief and gentle introduction


Verifiable Delay Functions (VDFs henceforth) are a cryptographic primitive that allows a prover to show a verifier that a certain amount of time running a function was spent, and do it in a way that the verifier can check the result quickly.

These functions aim to provide a minimum amount of time delay on players either knowing some piece of information or participating in the protocol in some way. VDFs do this by requiring significant computation to calculate but relatively little computation to verify, and here many people may become nostalgic and think something like “this reminds me a lot…

A blockchain perspective

Quantum computing will have a big impact on our lives: drug development, traffic optimization, artificial intelligence or weather forecasting will benefit from the power increase that a quantum computer will bring with it; but with great power comes great responsibility, and the impact of quantum computing in cybersecurity may be disastrous unless current cryptographic techniques are pushed forward. This article will cover some of these aspects from a very informal point of view: the impact on blockchain technology, and some of the new techniques developed and current proposals for a prospective quantum-resistant blockchain. Enjoy!

Asymmetric cryptography

Most of the current communications between…

Ramsès Fernàndez-València

A pure mathematician by education and a cryptographer by training. I am a Senior Researcher at IOV Labs.

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