Trump, Comey and the Consequences for Us

Despite all that has happened this week and in the months prior — all the smoke around those with Russian ties surrounding Trump, I still don’t buy that Trump himself was colluding with the Russians.

I think Trump calling on the Russians to hack Clinton’s emails was just Trump being stupid and inappropriate — you know, his middle names. His firing Comey is certainly his prerogative as President and he can do so for any reason. However, the New York Times article alleging that he had demanded Comey’s loyalty, and that he likely fired Comey because he did not receive it to his liking, is a crisis that is bordering on a constitutional crisis. The FBI, probably more than most institutions, is meant to be the most nonpartisan body that we have, and is vital to oversight of our three branches of government.

Trump getting elected was already a disaster for democracy, but this is approaching new level of distrust among the American people for the Institutions that make our country a country. It is unabideable, and regardless of Trump’s part in the collusion with Russia, he should be impeachable on the grounds of firing Comey over intimidation.

But I still don’t think Trump’s supporters care. We think he’s losing support, but he’s only trickling out support that got him elected. Even though I still believe that it was a failure of the Democratic Party to put forward a convincing enough candidate, or their messaging was wrong, or they were too in bed with corporate and banking interests — there’s another reality alongside this one: Trump’s core supporters are fascists.

It is a failure of the media and our institutions that has led us here. Trump’s supporters don’t trust these three and the “fourth” branches of our government. Fox News and its ilk are what began this decline. Obviously the parents of these Trump supporters, a generation that bore witness to the results of fascism in Europe, weren’t enough of a warning sign for these new fascists. We have no one to blame but our incorporated government and media, and also ourselves, for buying in and allowing them to become so.