Waffle House Managers Make Bank!

I was just having some ramen, and noodling over some stuff. Stuff meaning, adulting, and how that’s an actual word. Is it a conjugated verb? Is it just a resurrected term used now in lamentful slang? Yes.

Adulting takes up over half of your life. A friend recently said, “We’ve technically lived half of our lives already.” This implies a) enrichment time has taken residence, and b) one must take measures to fight gravity. Enrichment used to be for old people. This brings to mind the older people in my undergrad Spanish class, learning for enrichment. Getting old is taboo. Skin creams and denial for getting old have reached critical mass.

We have better terms for “learning stuff” outside of school. For instance, I’m in the process of relearning Spanish to enhance my skill set. Lookey there. People attend fairs, seminars, and conferences to learn stuff. Some of these experiences are obligatory. Others are for enhancing one’s career. I have attended the former and spoken at the latter. There is plenty to learn, even if you think you can’t get schooled.

For instance? Waffle House Managers make bank.

Those of you who know me and/or have read my blog are aware: I am a Millennial. This used to be enough, to belong to a large cohort, a generation. This cohort also has stigmas. We expect too much. We respond often with adaptations of “cut the crap.” We are underemployed. We are finally buying our first home, in our 30s. We have tech neck from staring at our navels. We pay for experience and Starbucks over labels and brand names. We rolled through college and into the Cult of the Entrepreneur. We may or may not have too much debt. We eat ramen.

I’m an older member of this generation. I’ve been around the block. I know bills have to be paid and decisions made. I’ve gone adulting f/t for some time now. My B.A. in Psych is more of a precursor for a job application. It is also an unspoken bond formed with the many holders of the B.A. (more like b.s.) in Psychology. We laugh and we laugh. What’s the big joke? Exactly. What sort of work can a person find with that degree? You can’t. We just apply what we learned, to real life.

Let me apply my degree to the above mentioned schooling I received about Waffle House management pay. The person who meant to encourage me with that statement is in a different place in life. Youth is wasted on the young! The salary for food service management is relatively higher than the rate of waitress and waffle cook. They either live at work or they are always on call. Making Bank? It’s all relative. The pay would cover the rent and utilities on a shared apartment, some groceries, and gas in the tank.

Don’t get me wrong. I mean no disrespect to those working food service, especially Waffle House. I worked in food service and retail for years. We should all put in time in these industries: serving others gives a person character and humility. I say this knowing that 18 year old me had to step away from a bitchy customer after she returned the “hot” cappuccino I’d prepared for her. Attitude control is a learned virtue.

I’ve been cobbling together work over the past few years. I’m a working mom with young ones: there is no work/life balance. Work is done in the stolen moments, when and how possible.

I perform a good bit of research on hiring practices and how best to present myself. Few companies are hiring f/t, and more of them are leaving the candidate selection to automation, public and private sector. This leaves me with a freelance job here, a contract there, and some consistent part-time work. My feet are small, but the shoes I’ve been cobbling still do not cover them. My mortgage is barely made. I have more responsibilities than the young friend advising me to check out food service.

Exhausting service jobs do not cover all of the bills or feed empty stomachs. Chasing dreams doesn’t either. Being positive and hopeful, with a healthy grip on reality, is a sure-fire perspective to have. I’ve had Trump given as reason not to hire. Poorly performing HR departments have given me weeks and months of run-around. I know you don’t have the means or you cannot afford to insure another employee. Be honest with those seeking work. Let’s talk about solutions and opportunities. The games need to end. Cut the crap.

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