Just Let Go

Why I am Petrified to Post this . . .

I have been ‘toying’ with the idea of writing a blog or similar ‘personal-for-public’ writing for about 8 or 9 years. (Cannot qualify as procrastination at that point) I always stopped myself. I didn’t think I was qualified or that my seemingly serious ideas, rants or opinions would matter and wouldn’t be taken seriously. Due to the nature of my work I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to hide behind video scripts, marketing campaigns, and various creative projects and businesses. In a gross self-serving act of moral superiority I would position myself — to myself, as a director or puppet master in relation to my public projects. Even worse, I quickly critiqued others placing themselves in vulnerable public places with their thoughts as ego driven glory hogs — but in reality I think mostly I have been afraid. I am + have been afraid of public ridicule directed at ME!


I still have a some sort of weird moral objection to writing for ‘no one and everyone’ - throwing words out into the internet and assuming anyone might find these words useful — it seems a very unearned and self-righteous activity to knowingly engage in. It’s not like I am a contributor for the New Yorker or have a byline for the WSJ.

However, over that last 11 years of my career, marriage and becoming a father I am realizing if I have done anything worthwhile for a future reader’s potential benefit — I have made mistakes — lot’s of them!

I am choosing to fight my fear and write. I will write about creativity, marketing, operating a business, and I‘d hope to answer questions (assuming someone will ask one). The only commitment I can make is more mistakes!

Avoidable Mistake #1: Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.

Dear Medium,

(Long time reader first time writer.) Thank you for helping me overcome my fear of starting.