How? Who? What? Where? When? Why?

You are Already Ready

Why Curiosity Wins

I have read a lot of résumés.

At @krochetkids being accepted into our internship program involved a rather robust admission process - written responses, video submissions, cover letter, résumé, special projects and multiple interviews. Over the years, I’ve seen hundreds of documents telling me how qualified individuals are for job roles in logistics, sales, and marketing. (Thanks @NicLauten)

Based on indisputable empirical evidence (my gut), I’d guess 75%–85% of folks look great on paper relative to an appropriate job they are applying for. What puts someone in the ninetieth percentile?

‘What separates a good candidate from another . . . or from the rest?’

I have no new radical learning but maybe more an interesting insight and hopefully encouragement. (The following is to be taken with a grain of salt as it is heavily influenced by a deeply held belief about people — but my experience seemed to confirm this O’er and O’er.)

Being curious is the best qualification you already have.

Curiosity — noun; 1.a strong desire to know or learn something. “filled with curiosity, she peered through the window” synonyms: interest, spirit of inquiry, inquisitiveness.

Kinda underwhelming? Feels trite and cliché?

The truth is most technical skills can be taught or learned while character and an emotional intelligence typically cannot. A curious pursuit of life may be the single most important attribute consistent with worthy hires and world changers.

10 things I believe to be true about ‘The Curious’:

Curiosity is the motivator. An end in itself. Not fortune or fame.
Curiosity does not rest. A relentless nag.
Curiosity always begins again. Forward momentum in perpetuity.
Curiosity requires listening. Questions mean talking less.
Curiosity is active openness. Discovering cannot dictate.
Curiosity interrogates. All are suspect.
Curiosity begets action. To find you must go.
Curiosity is the probability algorithm. Calculating the next best question.
Curiosity is graceful.
Curiosity is brave.

Confirming my intuition — I found the act of curiosity on heavy rotation by friends @Google while design sprinting. They refer to curiosity as “How might we’s?” With great intention and purpose, Googlers ask each other “How might we . . .?” As in, ‘how might we map the entire world?’

Science, art, technology, faith, exploration, and adventure all have their origins upon a curious foundation. If seeking truth is in us — then curiosity is its sidekick, perpetually prompting, ‘why?, how?, and what?’.

I am inspired by people who exhibit an uncanny and courageous ‘unknowing’— whether an intern, a mentor, or Elon Musk — all are equal when equally curious. At some point, we all can say, “I don’t know, but I’d like to.”

I am convinced everyone possesses a level of curiousness, some are more acquainted than others. Leaning into what we are naturally curious about will pay dividends, for in my mind there is no greater qualification for problem-solving. Fortunately, pursuing curiosity is almost always based on what we already know — and what a great place to start!

Avoidable Mistake #2: Don’t Forget — If you are a human you are already curious and thus qualified.