Of Mountain Climbing and Other Adventures(Day 3)

Another day of hard work is about to end. Today I have been trying to setup Flask. On the heels of a message in the morning that we would be evaluated at 9am tomorrow, it’s a little sad that I am not even halfway through challenge no. 2. Even now I am half an hour away from submission time and I’m still working on this Medium post. I can see a long night ahead.
The good part is I have started working on something. Flask is a python package for web development and I at least managed to download it. Learning how to use it is a different pickle and I’m working on it at the moment. Once I’m done with that I will download and set up the other things and try to implement a simple app. 
Doing this, I am very aware of how far behind my milestone for the challenges. I haven’t done all the bare minimums and there is a high chance I might not be selected to proceed to week 2. I know all this. However there is pretty much nothing I can do about Andela’s decision to allow me to proceed or not. What I CAN do, is keep going.

Setting up Flask isn’t as easy as it looks. I set up a virtual environment and installed Flask according to a tutorial. They then showed me how to create a simple app. I did that. On my PyCharm. The first line was from flask import Flask . Later, when I tried to run the program I got the message that there is no module named Flask. You don’t say…

My day has basically been one large attempt to solve this issue. I’m still working on it, but until I work it out, I can’t move forward to the next step. Here’s to hoping everything is fine by the end of the night.