Soul verse

Hindu faith believes that the sole purpose of the soul is to free itself from the cycle of birth and re-birth and attain moksha — becoming one with the creator of all that is. For working class humans like you and me, it might be extraordinarily difficult to devote ourselves to such a purpose that is so intangible and metaphysical. We struggle with our days, our desires, our daily problems, our debts, our relationships, and our work — an impossibility to even convince ourselves about our purpose in life.

Where withers the soul

Of candid love and regrets oft

Far beyond the realms of real

Shall find itself free of thought

Our hungers, our curiosities, our fears, our regrets; all fuel the gears of an apocalyptic fantasy that is mired with derision towards our soul. That greatest need, that sustains our lives, is fired by greed towards an insatiable desire — happiness. Free yourself of thoughts of happiness, and perhaps you may find that life holds a truer purpose. One that each person has to find the question to.

Where lies the path of the soul

Neither space nor time defined

Neither straight nor curved may it feel

Enshrined in its own darkness, it must seek to find

What is the path that we should take in life? One that is determined by our physical environment? One that seeks to fulfill our worldly desires? The soul does not know up or down, left or right. It seeks to move to find that what it does not know exists. It must seek in order to exist. That is the purpose of its being. But to say it has a journey and destination is a misnomer. Like light which cannot exist without moving, the soul cannot exist without constantly moving on a journey. A journey that cannot be defined in planar definitions of time or space. Likewise the destination does not exist. To define the destination is to define infinity.

Shallow are these waters of the infinite ocean

Tepid are the waves that beat the shore

Hollow are the sounds of the incessant wind

Where the soul strained in salty mist seeks more

Science has in recent years given us our greatest insight. That we know precious little about our universe. With every passing discovery, we find more questions than answers. Is this the weakness or strength of scientific thought?

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