How to Reset Zigo Eon 62i

There are five ways to reset Zigo Eon 62i

  • Normal Factory Reset — It will delete or erase all things but not like hard reset. If your phone is slow heating, then use this.
  • Hard Factory Reset — It will delete all thing in your phone permanently. If can’t switch on the phone or want “Force reset” then you can use this.
  • Reset Remotely — Still This is new method, in this method, you can reset phone remotely. you can do this in your PC,Tab.
  • Reset phone from PC — you can reset your phone from your PC or Laptop. we use SDK tool it is safe method and also we provide another 3 apps
  • Flash Stock Rom -This is a most advance method. We can fix system errors too. In this, we install system software again onto your phone.

How to get backup Zigo Eon 62i

Reset Zigo Eon 62i Hard

Step 1,

Step 2,

Step 3,

Reset my ZIGO

Step 4,

reset Zigo

Step 5,

Reset Zigo Eon 62i Normally

Step 1,

reset my phone

Step 2,

Reset Zigo Eon 62i remotely

Step 1,

Step 2,

  1. you can see there is options Box. Click “enable Lock and erase” in the Box.
  2. Click the “erase” and confirm it. it will start to reset Zigo phone.

As wel As you are able to use Android device manage for,

Reset Zigo Eon 62i from pc (advance)

Reset with Smartphone flash tool

Hard Reset Zigo J5 J510 entire phone (advance)

frequently asked questions and answer

Recover Data after Factory Reset on Zigo Eon 62i

Autoboot or bootloop or auto restart

After factory reset my phone can’t connect to internet

stuck at Zigo Eon 62i Logo Screen

After reset, my phone does not ON




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