Pesticide: A library to write Domain-Driven Tests

Ladybug — a natural pesticide.

See how the new compiler can make Kotlin run faster

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Quick introduction

Since Java 1.3 HotSpot contains two Just In Time…

Exploring the performance improvements of new Inline Types

Understanding how tailrec keyword works and how to take advantage of recursion in Kotlin

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  • How to solve a problem using recursion
  • How to transform Head Recursion into Tail Recursion
  • The tailrec keyword and how it’s translated in ByteCode
  • How to implement the Y-Combinator in Kotlin

How to take advantage of Kotlin special Types

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An investigation inside how Kotlin let you use Java collections as if they were implementing Kotlin interfaces

“Only heavens are immutable” — Aristotle

Part I — the surprise

It started with a (mostly) harmless piece of code.

public interface MutableList<E> : List<E>, MutableCollection<E> {...}

How to use Extension Functions and Properties to improve the readability of your code

To Extend or Not To Extend?

And other useful tricks of Implementation By Delegation

Another kind of multiple inheritance…

Uberto Barbini

JVM and Kotlin independent consultant. Passionate about Code Quality and Functional Programming. Author, public speaker and OpenSource contributor.

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