Thanks for the “great over all” :)
Cristiano Rastelli

“I think that the illustration of how the two different parts are looking at it, speaks for itself.”
As you know I’m not an expert of front-end technologies, but I think I am a kind of expert on “separation of concerns” in general. :)

The point is that you are saying (if I’m right) that the two side are looking at the same problem with two different points of view which are both justified in their context.

Still you don’t explain how the separation of concerns makes sense in both context.

I understand there could be different trade-offs but I doubt they can be both 100% right.

So I’d like for you to expand on how SoC works in CSS-In-JS vs traditional CSS.

Could be that is material for another talk… :)

“In case of “atomic”, isolated components yes.”
Ok, maybe I’m missing something here, but the advantage of the (ideal) HTML+CSS is that if I want to change all buttons/input boxes and label from shades of Green to shades of Mauve , everything I need to change is in the same file, without touching the html or js.

If I can do the same with CSS-in-JS than case closed. What problems are left out? :)

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