Top 8 ways to have a good healthy life.

I am currently undergoing a lot of transformation myself. I used to be someone who can eat anything I want to without thinking about calories and had no proper timing when I am having lunch or dinner. Sleep around 1 am and wake up around 8 am and rush to office and have a big cup of coffee and sit at my desk before a computer and code all day long. Come back and play video games or read a book and feel like hungry go grab a pizza. So I was basically not following any healthy lifestyle and basically I lost myself in the end. This is not something I read and putting it up, these are things that really matter to anyone who is currently like how I used to be in the past. No health no wealth. No career and no life.

Below are something I started and it is something easy and everyone can adapt. When you divert just think your health more important than anything that you currently think is important.

1.Eat local

Food is deeply associated with any culture and more so on the region. Eat what grows within 10 mile radius is rule of the thumb. So get mindful of what we eat and do home cooking. Don’t buy too much of frozen ready to eats. (I am not sure how much they are contaminated (not kills u immediately though ) to increase the shelf life.)

2. Breathe deeply

Our body cells need more oxygen. In today’s lifestyle we generally do more shallow breathing. Walk in the morning for like 4 minutes and take a deep breath and breath from your stomach. You should feel fresh air inside you ( you will love this )

3. Drink water.

Alcohol and tobacco are toxic substances. It makes your body more acidic and to have a proper digestion and better blood circulation we need to reduce alcohol intakes and quit smoking for sure. Smoking causes your esophagus layer to be eaten up. Your valve which stops food from going up to esophagus becomes weak and blood becomes more toxic and causes bad food absorption in colon. Drink lots of water. Period.

4. Keep moving

Again we are hunter-gatherer species and we were always on the move for thousands of years and now with our corporate lifestyle and television, video games and computers we are becoming more of couch potatoes. For every 30 mins you sit please move for 4 mins. Stand when you can. Walk while you talk on phone if possible. Small things matter so keep moving. It helps your blood circulation to be good and you will feel good cause improved blood circulation causes good oxygen supply to all parts of the body.

5. Cook more at home

Eating out is fun but not good always. There was a change that was happening everywhere as both husband and wife start working cooking at home as come down more so take out and dinner outside has become a norm. Recently me and my wife decided to change and now we both cook together and that’s refreshing , financially more affordable and we get tasty food.

6. Stretch your body.

I was having lower back pain all of a sudden. No reason. Hit me so hard and went to a doctor , he gave me a muscle relaxer and some steroids for 3 days. It came back after a month. My friend suggested me to stretch. Muscles get tightened up and some sudden movement causes blood to lock itself within the muscles and it inflames and touches the nearby nerves to give you the pain. Stretch relieves this. It stretches the muscle and allows blood to pass through freely and there allowing oxygen throughout the body. It really warms you up and there you go for a great day.

7. Sleep more.

Got a sleep cycle app on App store ( endorsing as a customer not in marketing sense )

Changed my perception on sleep and how it affects my mood that day and how I feel about myself. Sleep is so pivotal that our machine should take rest. It is part of our circadian rhythm.

Sleep is so important that there are lots of hormones that secretes at particular time when you sleep. Learn more about how you sleep and you learn more about yourself and how you live.

8. Exercise

brisk walking , jogging , sprint running, jumping, playing , picking up a sport and doing it regularly is all form of exercise. Going to gym is not a mandatory. Gym gives you a environment where you can always do something irrespective of type of weather outside. Otherwise you can do anything that increases your heart rate for 30 mins daily.

That’s all nothing special but very important and small stuff that takes care of lot of big health issues.

Please take care.

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