Viewing is Learning

Day 1

Coach: Do you have prior experience in this?

Me: No

Coach: Never learned it before?

Me: No. First Time

Coach: You seem to have a natural rhythm. You are picking up things very quickly for a day 1 trainee.

The above conversation has played out thrice in my life. Slight variations, but same content. First when I was 12 years old. Second when I was 24 and latest this week.

It was a cricket coaching camp when I was 12. I had just finished basic batting 101 on my very first day that other kids would usually take weeks to finish.

It was tennis when I was 24. A 60 year old man who had played the sport for over 40 years agreed to be my coach as I picked up the racket for the first time. His buddy who joined us 2 hours later refused to believe this was the first time I had ever picked up my racket.

This week, it was dance. The instructed was surprised I had never danced before or learnt it since he said I had good rhythm and was picking up the steps fairly easily for day1.(Maybe he was trying to be encouraging but since he did not say that to others, Ill assume he was saying the truth). He then said something that stuck with me. He said when we watch something for so many years and have a passion towards it, the energy gets built up inside which makes it easy for us when we actually start doing it.

I knew this was applicable for both cricket and tennis as well. While I was only 12 when I went to the camp, I had seen hours and hours of cricket on television and had already learnt a lot before I set foot on the camp.

But this is nothing new. Its common knowledge. What I realised was I withered away the advantage I had on both previous occasions. I had easy beginnings, seemed natural in both sports and yet when the going got tough, I ran away or did not punch above my weight to make myself a complete player. It was aggressive batting in cricket while it was serving in tennis.

A lot of people have natural talent. These people have it easy when they start. People notice them immediately. They are called to be destined for greater things. Everything seems easy enough. But what differentiates those who will eventually make it and those who won’t is what these people do once they run into a rough road. Do they run away or quit like me or do they put in the hours and fight it out like a regular guy to learn those tough spots?

Maybe I have learnt from two prior experiences. Maybe I won’t quit dance when I run into something rough. But for all those people who made it big through natural talent, let us also recognise their hard work.