What is life ?

Life is a beautiful gift from God. It is shaped by you to gift yourself for the future. Most of the person’s used to say life is full of thrones and hurdles. But to feel the joy of the life one must enjoy both thrones and lovable odour of flower.

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What is life, without a little risk?

-J.K.Rowling(author of Harry potter)

Okay, how to just feel the happiness in life. So what are the basic things we need to move our life from survival mode to thriving mode

First, we need to make clear that life is composed of three things. That is mind, body and soul. If you properly feed the things then you will understand the basics of life. I call this as a basic element of life. …

Words!! From the ancient period to the modern world, from the early man to modern people, from the ancient scripts to the modern WhatsApp emojis, the one thing is still unchangeable, it is nothing but the words. The style and fonts of the words change periodically with the evolution of time, but it uniquely conveys something to the world.

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image source: https://blogs.colum.edu/marginalia/files/2016/11/persuasive-landing-pages-words-have-power.jpg

A proverb, “A Pen is mightier than Sword” clearly explains the power of words in this world. Words are nothing but the facts that conveys something to the society. …


Ramya Chinnadurai

Full stack developer @log2base2.com

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