CBSE Class 8 and Class 9 Syllabus Demystified

  • Introductory trailer to the world of Artificial Intelligence via different modes such as games, hands-on activities, and module-based learnings, and
  • Covering 3 different domains of Artificial Intelligence, keeping in mind the age appropriate manner which are Data, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.
  • 70 hours is devoted to the learning of Python, which is approximately 65% of the entire duration of course,
    • 26 hours devoted for AI project life cycle,
    • 12 hours for Introduction and
    • 04 hours on Neural Networks.
Credit CBSE Syllabus
  • Rock Paper Scissors Game and Treasure hunt — To give hands — on experience in computer vision,
  • Mystery animal — To give hands — on experience on Natural Language Processing,
  • Hands — on forward propagation game : To provide an understanding of neural networks,
  • Go Goals Snake and ladder game — provides sustainable development awareness
  • Practical Python provides basic commands understanding.
  • Variables,
  • Arithmetic operators,
  • Expressions,
  • Data Types — integers,
  • Floats,
  • Strings,
  • Using print() and input() functions and
  • Lists.
Learn AI and programming mapped to CBSE 8th and 9th Grade Syllabus via



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Ramya Bhaskar

Ramya Bhaskar

Ramya is founder of — Helping young minds to learn next generation skills like Artificial Intelligence, Programming and Space Science .