What is life ?

Life is a beautiful gift from God. It is shaped by you to gift yourself for the future. Most of the person’s used to say life is full of thrones and hurdles. But to feel the joy of the life one must enjoy both thrones and lovable odour of flower.

What is life, without a little risk?
-J.K.Rowling(author of Harry potter)

Okay, how to just feel the happiness in life. So what are the basic things we need to move our life from survival mode to thriving mode

First, we need to make clear that life is composed of three things. That is mind, body and soul. If you properly feed the things then you will understand the basics of life. I call this as a basic element of life.

Why we need to feed these basic elements?

1. Health (Body)

For every question when someone asks you about where you are living? You will be used to say your location of your house. But your soul too has a house which is nothing your body. You should take care of yourself first in order to move forward in life.

What should I do to take care of your health?

Daily in routine follow these habits of getting exercise every day. Eat healthy and fresh organic food. Wake up early.

“Only if there’s a wall, can there be a drawing”.
-old Tamil saying.

So in order to stay healthy one must take care of his health first.

2.Soul(Subconscious mind)

In scientific terms, I can call this as your subconscious mind. Your life is moving in a forward path because of your decisions are taken by your subconscious mind.

In order to glow like a sun you need to first fire like the sun.

In order to move on the right path you first need to make your intuition set right. Intuitions are the things from your subconscious mind. So to make your intuition set right you need to feed your subconscious mind with good and valuable thought.

How can you feed your intuition?

Do meditation. In order to clear your mind and make your subconscious mind to attain peace. Read books which contain more moral values than useless funny jokes. Spending time in Quora or medium is far better than scrolling your Facebook newsfeed with funny memes.

3) Brain(Mind)

To be more smart and intelligent you should feed yours with information and knowledge. Information is the collection of raw data. Knowledge is the collection of information. And how you use your knowledge efficiently makes the wisdom.

Try to understand the basic phenomenon of nature. Here come the things you need to pay your attention. Either you may be in profession or studying.

Updating yourself regularly in your field makes you reach the top.

Learn more and read more.

Do something productive.

There is a saying,

“Idol mind is devils workshop.”
-old proverb.

So don’t be always idol and just scroll your WhatsApp and Facebook. Instead, do some productive things. Either answer in Quora or do paint your favourite drawings.

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Ramya Chinnadurai.