Everything That You must Know About Heating Pads

It is very common for people to use hot/cold packs to relieve themselves of the pain caused by sprains, or other serious injuries. This article explores the science of heat therapy in particular, and the heating pads that are used in this therapy. You must have seen your grandmother using a hot-water bag to treat her back and joints pain, or your grandfather using the same bag to treat his cramps. Many women use these hot-water bags to treat their menstrual cramps and body pain. However, boiling water, and pouring it in through the small mouth of the hot-water bag is a risky affair, and that’s where heating pads come into picture. These pads work on electricity, and operate on different temperatures that can be used to alleviate pain and discomfort that is caused on a particular area on your body. Although it is safe to use a heating pad at a moderate temperature to treat sore muscles and manage general pain, you must always consult a medical practitioner for treating specific/major problems, than blindly using a heating pad for everything.

How does a heating pad ease pain

Heating pads use electricity to generate high temperature which gets converted into heat. This heat, when transferred to your body increases the flow of oxygen, and stimulates receptors in your skin that decrease the flow of pain signals to the brain. This heat also treats your sore muscles and any stiffness that you could experience due to exertion or extremely cold temperatures.

Why should you use a heating pad

For two reasons — it is comparatively cheaper than other forms of therapy, and it is also safe to be used at home, that too without any one’s help. It is also portable, and can be carried from home to work, or while travelling.

Take precautions

When you are in pain, heat may feel very comforting, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe for your skin. Make sure that you set the heating pad to a comfortable temperature so it doesn’t end up burning your skin. It is advised that you use a heating pad at a temperature that gives you a warm sensation for safety reasons. Ensure that you turn off the device after a certain period of time, and also make sure that you never use it in bed just before you are about to sleep. The results can be negative if you doze off in the comfort of the heat without switching the pad off.

Buy heating pads online

All types, sizes, and brands of heating pads are available online. Sellers online often put up these products at discounted prices. Check the detailed descriptions, specifications, shipping and payment options to decide the one that you want to buy. You can even buy heating pads on mobile shopping apps while commuting from work to home or other places, and order one with a few taps on your smartphone’s screen. Shopping online is safe and convenient, and also offers hassle-free deliveries, returns, and exchanges.