Silk, Cotton Sarees: Everyone’s Favorite

It began with the Indus Valley Civilization. Long pieces of cotton were draped around the waists of priests. Evidence shows that this style of clothing was also followed by the women in this civilization. This kind of clothing was known as loincloth and was the inspiration behind the favourite clothing of any Indian bride today, the saree. The concept of blouses, or cholis came with the persians, who introduced stitching to India.

Ask any media student and she will not disagree with you on this point. You work gets done much faster while you are wearing a saree. Confused? Let me explain. Jeans are comfortable. Yes. You can run around with your camera or notepad with ease. However, you are not going to be able to grab that attention you need in order to collect facts you are looking for. Wear a saree and you will be noticed and paid attention to. Your work gets done much faster. Agree? Media is just an example. You can relate this to other fields of work too.

You do not have to worry about putting on any extra pounds or losing any of those. A saree is fine on anyone, no matter what your figure is like. Just create smaller pleats if you are on the leaner side and larger ones if you are on the heavier side. Sarees with smaller motifs can make you look slim and vice versa.

You do not have to put any effort to look sexy in a saree. A saree is one of the few outfits that have the rare combination of feminine, sexy and graceful. It shows off your figure and at the same time, makes you look graceful as you walk with that free flowing pallu on your arm. Can you name any other outfit that can produce a similar effect?

No other outfit can beat the grandeur and elegance that only a silk saree can give you. Silk sarees are the favourite of Indian brides all over the country. Silk sarees speak of status, culture and tradition. Many travellers over the world who have visited India have presented accounts of the beauty of women clad in long yards of silk. If you are a fan of Indian literature, you wouldn’t fail to notice that all beautiful women then were described as clad in natural fibers like silk and cotton. The higher class women described in the plays and poems of Indian literature were described as attractive in fine and shimmering garments. Brands like Manvaa, Triveni and Anoha have a range of silk sarees that you can look very glamorous in.

Attending a wedding in summer? Why not show up in cotton sarees. Cotton silk sarees are stylish and also very elegant. They may not show off your perfect form by clinging to your body, but they can stay in place for long and can also look very neat. Cotton sarees are light and ideal for summers as they are easier to carry out and keep you from sweating. Have a look at the polka dotted sarees from Shatabdi and Pavechas, the geometric print sarees of Fab Deal, Pavechas and Cotton Bazaar, and the graphic prints of Ansu.

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