Sweaters — Flattering and Stylish Garments

As winter approaches, all we need are a cup of hot coffee, a warm and well-fitted sweater, and a funky beanie cap to keep us comfortable, warm and cozy. Out of all the winter essentials we have, a sweater is one of the most flattering garments a man can have. Functionally it keeps you warm while style wise it can break up the monotonous dressing. However, most men are still unaware of all the styles and patterns available. Here is a complete guide on sweaters, their fit, fabric and style.

Sweater Fabric

  • Cashmere Sweaters: The gold standard of sweaters, a cashmere sweater can cost you a small fortune. However, most people crave for a cashmere sweater for the warmth it offers and the lightness of the fabric.
  • Wool Sweaters: The oldest and the most common fabric for sweaters. A classic wool sweater is a traditional favourite among most men.
  • Cotton Sweaters: When compared to wool and cashmere, cotton sweaters are relatively cooler and sheds heat faster. These sweaters can be worn directly on the skin as they do not cause skin irritation.
  • Synthetic Fabric: In line with cotton, synthetic fabric is less expensive and provides the much-needed warmth and comfort.

Sweater Color

Most often, sweaters are typically seen in darker shades. For cold winter months, you can choose a dark colored sweater and for warm summer months, a light colored one will work wonders.

Sweater Patterns

Simple solid sweaters are the most formal ones, while patterned sweaters are more casual. For regular office wear, you can sport a trendy light colored solid sweater over your dress shirt to break free from your monotonous office wear. For casual outings with friends, you can choose a patterned sweater.

Sweater Fit

For utmost comfort and style, a well-fitted sweater is what you need. Effortlessly stylish and trendy, a well-fitted sweater is all you’ll need to make a bold fashion statement. A loose-fitted sweater can work magic as well.

Sweater Style

Turtleneck: A turtleneck sweater should be an essential in every man’s wardrobe. Funky yet sophisticated, these sweaters bring out the best in a man.

  • V-neck: With a low cut ‘V’ neckline, you can portray your style without putting in any extra efforts. Hugely popular, these sweater are extremely popular.
  • Polo: These sweaters can be worn without a dress shirt underneath. These polo sweaters can be tucked into the trousers for the best look.
  • Cardigan Sweater: Popularly termed as the old man’s sweater, cardigan sweaters are slowing becoming popular amongst youngsters

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