Wear a Jute Saree to Flaunt a Unique Look

Your friend is throwing a birthday party next week. From the moment she has told you, you can’t stop checking popular online stores for the latest dresses. You want something unique and extraordinary. After all, who doesn’t want to stand out from their friends — those endless compliments, appreciative glances and popping eyeballs can take any woman to the seventh heaven, right? But all your efforts to find a unique dress go futile. Everything you choose seems so common. Finally, you decide to discard the idea of buying dresses. You decide to flaunt your feminine grace in a saree instead. But sarees are common too: the same old silk and georgette. Oh wait! You could still wear a jute saree, right?

So, why should you wear a jute saree?

Here’s why:-

  • There are very few materials that can give you a look as unique as a jute saree. Jute has a somewhat golden, shiny look. It is called the golden fibre. Flaunting a jute saree will make you the centre of attraction of the party.
  • When jute is blended with other fabrics, it has a smooth texture. The smooth feel of the cloth will keep you comfortable all day.
  • Jute is known for its breathability. This means, the fabric allows your skin to breathe hence keeping you cool all day.
  • Jute sarees are available in a wide variety because jute can be blended with other fabrics easily. Moreover, it can be dyed easily, so you have a lot of colours to choose from too.
  • This fabric is known for its affordability too. You will be able to buy a great jute saree at an affordable price.
  • Jute is biodegradable and recyclable. So when you’re choosing a jute saree, you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Types of Jute Sarees

Jute, by itself, has a few disadvantages. It has a coarse texture, is brittle and has poor drapability. This is why, it is frequently blended with other fabrics like silk and cotton. Jute sarees are available in two main types, cotton jute sarees and silk jute sarees. Choose cotton jute sarees if comfort trumps style on your factors-to-be-considered list. Cotton jute sarees are usually printed with polka dots, geometrical patterns or have Madhubani prints. If you want to look elegant and dressy, choose silk jute sarees. The combination of silk and jute will give you a rich look. These sarees usually have traditional motifs and heavy borders.

Buy Jute Sarees Online

You browsed through the catalogues of online stores for dresses, now browse them for jute sarees. The rich collection on these sarees stores will not disappoint you. Use filters on the pages to narrow down your options based on colour, type and price. Once you’ve chosen your product and ordered it, all you have to do is wait for it to arrive at your doorstep. Receive it, try it, replace it if you don’t like it — online stores take care of everything for you.

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