360 Videos, Education, Advertising, Gaming and Film set to be the big revelations

In 2016, Virtual Reality transitioned from a futuristic product showcased in movies into something that could be bought on retail shelves for the holidays. While 2016 was the canvas for VR, the masterpiece is expected to emerge in 2017

Analysts are excited about 2017 for VR and are confident that the user base which is currently estimated to be 43 million, will grow tenfold this year.

More Headset Options At Better Cost

2017 Will See Even More Investment in VR360 Advertising

If 2016 was the year Virtual Reality began to audition for its big role, 2017 will be time for the platform to make it big on Broadway. VR will start to see major scale in the next year and we will see the investment from the last two years begin to pay off. Brands will be more excited than ever to associate with and take advantage of this new medium. …

For a while now, I have been contemplating a series of recipe round ups that go beyond heart attack meals and 15 minute desserts. I wanted the round ups to be something that we want to come back to, and perhaps even something that we can show budding cooks, so precious memories and moments can be preserved for a whole new generation to experience.

Yes, yes. I know, it’s nearly time for the July update, but this author has good reason for being a wee bit late with the updates this month. There was the whole ‘until death do us apart’ thing that I had to be a part of you see. But that’s old news; the update is here now, and like always, we have loads to tell!!

A Long Awaited Home Page Revamp!

For the longest time, us marketing girls had been giving everyone an earful about how the homepage needed a revamp. And June was the month we got it! We got a whole new features page…

How Do Food Bloggers Decide What to Blog About : Content Planning and Food Blogging

I have often wondered when I browse through page after page of yummy recipes that my food blogger friends come out with, how do they decide what to blog about? Is there a process to it or is it completely random, with whatever catching your fancy turning up on the blog?

While I was pondering these things, good friend Nandita Iyer in a sort of telepathic fashion, asked the exact same question in one of the popular food blogging groups on Facebook. …

What To Keep In Mind When You Start Sharing Content from Your Food Blog On Facebook Groups

The amount of traffic that Facebook groups can send to your blogs is staggering and if you have been avoiding these in your content promotion strategies, you are going to regret it sooner or later! I mean I have had days when I have had over 3000 hits from FB groups alone! That kind of number is pretty hard to ignore, right?

But unlike simply posting on your Facebook page, there’s a little more finesse involved when you are sharing your content on groups. Since my knowledge is largely from the food blogging arena, I’m going to talk more about…

The fragrant whispers of the dum Biryani, the teasing flavours of the meat infused rice and the ambience of bonhomie. That is what Eid has always meant for me. And I am sure it has been the same for a lot of us. So it became a little bit of a challenge for me to come up with this list of 11 delicious delicacies for Eid that did not include a biryani!

Mutton Keema Samosa

Nothing is as satisfying as biting into a cripsy samosa filled with juicy spiced minced meat. Don’t you agree?

Are you rolling your eyes now thinking, “Great! One more social media platform to deal with!” If you are, don’t worry, I feel your pain. Honestly, it’s the thing I avoid like the plague when it comes to blogging. But you cannot dismiss the importance of social media for the health of your blog. It drives a huge amount of traffic to your blog and what it can do for your branding efforts is huge! And Twitter is one of those things you simply cannot ignore as a food blogger. …

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