Wedding is on the cards :)

I am getting married this July and I am like most people, very excited for the wedding. Well, only a part of me is actually very excited for the wedding itself. …

I have been biking , uh oh! its the american way of saying what indians call cycling. Anyway, I have been biking to work daily for the past three weeks and I seem to be accumulating a bizarre list of things to think about while I bike.

The constant motion of moving forward probably has an underlying psychological effect which triggers a train of thoughts in people’s mind. May be this is why people love to travel.

I sometimes plan that day of work ahead or think about what happened at work and what I should do tomorrow. But these day planning thoughts take up a maximum of first 5 mins of the journey. …

Its fun! Trying to build an app that is going to be used by at least a few thousand people in a baseball stadium is not a humble task to start with if you are not an expert in Android. I tried this with my team and I can vouch that it does not come easy and may not be a great way to go if you aim to learn android to its very depth in your first attempt.

Few things that I experimented in order to achieve just enough performance to handle numerous requests are ,

  1. Websockets instead of…

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