James Collins of JC’s Comics N’ More

James Collins, owner JC’s Comics N’ More

Tell me about your business
We carry the areas largest selection of new comic books each Wednesday, collectible back issues, action figures, statues, posters and prints. This is certainly a pop culture superstore. I’ve had people around the country amazed by what I have here, and tell me that there’s nothing like this that they have back home. They’re astounded by what they find here.

What’s the founding story?
There was a shop called ‘The Comic Shop’ which was Toledo’s first comic shop located at Hill & Reynolds. The owner was moving to California and I found out it was going to be for sale. I went through the proper channels to mortgage the house that I had at the time to buy the business. After 30 years, here I am. The business itself will celebrate 40 years, next year.

What should other people with small business ideas know before they get started?
You have to be willing to sacrifice. Your business will only succeed with what you put into it. If you think you’re going to work 40 hours a week, you probably shouldn’t even bother. Business requires a lot of sacrifice, a lot of long hours and hard work. A lot of dedication. Certainly know your craft, and know what you’re getting into. Don’t go into a small business and think you’re going to get rich quick. Do your research.

JC’s Comics N’ More is located at 6725 W Central Avenue in Toledo. Visit them today!

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