1. Project: In Person Drop

I had selected QSA surgical private limited for sending application. I knew the name and phone number of the recruiter but I don’t know the name and phone number of CEO so I found it using Google. Personally I had met with Mr. Hassan Baloch at farewell party held in UET Lahore, Narowal Campus where he gave me his personal card and said to me to sent the CV on my e-mail and also you can come to visit the company. I sent my CV on e-mail but he did not give me response so I decided to go to drop my CV in-person. I just reach at the gate of the company and show the card to watchman and also told him that I’ve came from Narowal and want to meet HR Hassan Baloch. He called in the office of HR manager but sir was not there. Then he said to me that you can wait for sometime and took me in the office. I met with his assistance and submitted my resume including copies my important documents. During this, sir Hassan came in the office and i shake hand with him. He recognized me and said, yes we met in the industrial open house held on the day of farewell party. firstly, sir saw my resume and then started asking questions to me.

Here the list of questions he asked to me:

  1. Ramzan tell me what is effective communication?
  2. What do you know about our company?
  3. Why Pakistan is still surviving?
  4. Why QSA surgical is famous?
  5. What are yours future goals for next five years?
  6. Are you a flexible person? How can you work at different position?
  7. Tell me about your final year project?

after the interview i asked him some questions?

  1. What type of people succeeded in your organization ?
  2. what are the challenges that your organization will face in next 5 years?
  3. Sir, how do you enjoy your position as a HR ?manager

OK Ramzan i keep your resume and i will talk to CEO for you.

Lesson: try to make network it will pay you back, for example you can meet someone at different occasions like industrial open houses, call your relatives for some references and try to go to drop you CV in-person.