Five Randoms Acts of Kindness:

Today I went to bazaar with my little twin nephews. An old man was selling cream rolls in 10 rupees. And i bought four cream rolls but gave them 50 rupees. He tried to give me back but i said just keep it.

Yesterday I went to offer prayer in mosque. Prelate of the mosque said to me to write some ayah of surah Younus and print out one page but i printed out 10 pages so when I gave them pages he appreciated me in front of people for this act.

I called to my childhood friend after a long long time. By the way, He is cook by profession and currently working in Yum chinese hotel, Lahore. He just surprised that one of his friend called after such a long time. Then we shared our past memories with each other. Honestly speaking, he is so happy that i cannot describe. He invited me in the hotel wholeheartedly and I accepted his invitation. This is the act which i felt the most.

Today, I saw and realize that my sibling was tired by doing home chores because guests were coming so I decided to do home chores also. By the way, I am fond of cooking but seldom do this. yes, i had brought food items from market but today i went to extramile. I washed floor with water then set the tables. chopped some onions, made juice. Amazing thing is that the general perception about me in my home is that Ramzan is lazy or sluggish

The friend of my younger brother who has same height and physique as me belong to poor family and he has one or two shirts for summer so i donated one of my favourite shirt to him.

Experience has been exceptional for me for me. Most of the time, We expended a lot of wealth for the sake of happiness, to get pride. But the happiness which we find altruistically is something just different. To be happy, by giving someone happiness is something unique. sometimes sacrification gives you delight. It gave me spiritual tranquility and I felt the emotions of others. Kindness is the only thing when you feel yourself and connect with yourself.

Love is the need of the human. so i’ll use it not only in my personal life but also in professional life. If someone fall ill or have some family problems. I’ll collaborate him. If someone is not going to prepare report on time. I’ll help him by collaborating in completion.