The Beautiful Way to Express all That’s in your Heart is “Gratitude”

During my fellowship in Amal Academy I used the principle “ Showing Gratitude”. Before joining the Amal Career-Prep Fellowship I was feeling shy to thanks to everyone; was feeling uncomfortable for showing gratitude. After joining the fellowship and took the session of gratitude, then I realized that saying thanks to anyone against his kindness is not a bid deal; don’t need to be feel shy and uncomfortable. Even showing gratitude is like giving gift against the kindness or act of kindness of others. We can make happy by saying two words “Thank You”.

The 3 months of Amal Career-Prep Fellowship have changed my life towards others. I learnt a lot of things from this fellowship, e.g. How to become a good listener, How to think positive and how to derive positive things from the bad situation, How to communicate within organization, Value of teamwork, and Speaking in front of people etc. These are all very important for our lives and the best way to be an effective #lifelong-learner. One of them is “Showing Gratitude” to whom I really inspired. Saying thanks is very important for those people who care of yourself; think for yourself and always help you when you need them. I also started saying thanks to others for every small things. I started to say thanks for passing a glass of water. I started to thanks to those who helped me in past and present too. I feel proud to say thanks to other and make them happy by saying two words Thank you. Doing this small act, now I have confidence and belief that you don’t need to be shy for showing gratitude. I want to say

For catching me when I fall, For being there through thick and thin, For believing in me, For making me stand my ground, For listening to me, For hearing my thoughts, For knowing me inside out, For never putting me down, For forever trying to lift my spirits, For defending me so often, For being my living hero,
Thank you and I Love You ❤