When I started my career after graduating from university I was in the leading edge company called Symbian. We had an open office plan and that was fun. I was learning a lot by disturbing people.

Being a loud person I probably annoyed many people. I remember we had tea breaks next to the kitchen at 3pm and went to pub for lunch almost everyday. Catering was only sandwiches. Companies didn’t have free food at the time.

In my next job we had an office with rooms. Each room had teams. Our room had 5 engineers at first. Later 3. It was nice atmosphere. I was very productive. Our US headquarters also had similar organisation but with 3–4 people max in a room.

Next 3 companies had open offices as well. Bigger. Brighter. But still.

Only briefly I worked in a cubicle. It was kind of open and yet you had some privacy and noise reduction. Until the company renovated to open plan thanks to a new president.

Why am I writing all this ? Well I never worked in the office. My own office. And I feel I would be way more productive if I did. I was always convinced that open offices are better. Transparent. Encourage Team work.

Now I have opposite feeling. Actually I want to work in the office. Where I can control when I want to concentrate on something without putting my headphones on (Sign which is ignored anyway when someone has a question) And when I want to discuss something I am not trying to book a room or find a corner and whisper, I just invite them to my office.