Why iPhone, why Apple?

There are a number of articles circulating every few weeks on comparing different brands and OSes of smartphones and a holy war between Android and iOS. In those articles there are pros and cons about using one system over another and vice versa.

I am not gonna compare Android vs iOS vs Microsoft etc. That’s all up to the people to decide. But the only 2 reasons i am still sticking with Apple are:

  1. Customer Services. If my iPhone screen breaks or there is anything wrong with a phone, i can simply walk in to any Apple Store (provided you live in the country where you have one) and get it replaced/repaired within 30 minutes. With any other manufacturer that is simply not possible. No matter how much you paid for Samsung, Motorola or any other brand there is no such luxury available for you even if you pay for insurance.
  2. iOS ecosystem still provides best experience for the end user. Passbook and Apple Pay are best examples of it. Majority of the companies and startup still have iOS first attitude.