Your body speaks to you always. Don’t ignore the signs.

It was mental health day on October 10th, and on that same day, I got steroid injections done to my face — where a patch of facial hair stopped growing for a while — to stimulate growth.

This condition is called Alopecia Areata and relatively common (happy to share more if you have any questions).

How is this linked?

Losing a patch of hair is not a big deal in the big scheme of things, and I lucked out with this one, but it can be an issue directly related to one of our…

Overcoming Adversity on the Path to Success and Happiness

We all face adversity and obstacles on our path to success and happiness. However, how we respond and react to life’s hurdles can be the difference between lessons learned and future successes.

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This was the spark to write this.

Given the current uncertain times, I can’t help but reflect on a statement I read recently, ‘it broke my heart but opened my eyes.’ Whether it’s the loss of a loved one or not achieving a promotion, we’ve all experienced heartbreak in some form or another. When we rise up, seeking the lessons learned in our loss or failure…

The Insurance Industry Needs to Be Adaptable to Thrive in Uncertain Times

The past couple of years have brought about tremendous change in nearly every industry across the MENA region. On the global scale, companies that have done well for decades have had to reassess and realign their strategy as consumer trends have evolved, and disruptive technologies have entered the market. Dominating the marketplace and effectively reaching customers has become increasingly challenging across the board; however, what about the insurance industry?

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The insurance industry has experienced significant changes, especially in the MENA region. Stagnant economic growth levels, political turmoil, increasing…

The news has hit me hard; it’s very emotional not only because of the death and the nature of how it happened.

Kobe was relentless in his pursuit to inspire people

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And he was uber-productive (even wrote a children’s book), and it’s about inclusion for all, he wasn’t perfect by any stretch, and he made some mistakes that weren’t look on as correct, but what was beautiful is that this shaped him to be better. …

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To my beautiful, intelligent, kind-hearted, and caring daughters, there are so many things in this life I want to teach you. There are so many lessons I want you to learn. There is so much joy I want you to experience. As you grow into women, you will face many trials and tribulations, joys and sorrow in your life. Know that I am always here for you whenever you need me.

As you read through these pages, I hope that you learn from my experiences, knowing that you are the greatest gifts and most significant achievements in my life. I…

Who are they and what really happened?

Growing up and in my early adulthood, Thomas Cook held a special place for me. It had always been my go-to travel agency, before the days of online booking and DIY holidays, and I’ll never forget my Thomas Cook traveler’s cheques which helped me navigate my way through Salamanca, Spain. They represented a benchmark at the time that many other tour operators looked up to. However, times have changed.

Thomas Cook’s collapse is exemplary of a clash between worlds. In essence, it fabulously depicts the transformative and fast-paced nature of the travel industry…

Ramzi Ghurani

I’m going to write about what matters to me & if it means something to me, it may mean something to you — IG@ramzighurani

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