A Child’s Ambition

They shout.

They scream.

They firmly believe in their ideals.

Blissfully ignorant.

Nothing will stop them.

Unmatched energy.

Children are monsters.

So what happens as we get older? Do we LOSE our edge, do things start becoming less possible, our motivate go down? NO….

We are the same as we were back then except the biggest difference is what we deem to be possible. At some stage you allowed ‘reality’ to sink in. The I Can’s and I Must’s slowly degraded into very tame I Might’s. Other opinions on YOUR dreams, goals, ambition started to bleed into you like a virus. You became ill. You progressed as an adult but regressed in your intensity towards things.

Children on the other hand adopt the mentality of ‘it’s never over’. Until they have completed their task/objective it is not done until they get their way. Now imagine you borrowed some of that laser focus you had back then and applied it to today. Difficult times will be a distant memory. Instead of many tracks of thought the mind will have one.

So be foolish today. Obsession is cool but an unwavering determination in spite of all odds has been with you since the beginning. It is time to relearn.

Be Super.

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