Being Comfortable With The Present You

The sun still shines, the rain still pours. The handle is bent but it still opens doors.

The clock hand just moves, never relenting, there will always be something you are repenting.

The air you still breath the earth still shakes, close your eyes tomorrow you may wake.

There is love there is hate there is disgust at times lust, however one thing you shouldn’t forget and this is a must.

Time is slow she still moves yesterday’s wounds will be forgotten, continuing to pass and you will think you have lost them.

Today is the You that has survived till now, no point being annoyed at the physics and how.

Problem persist for this the entire world is congruent, to feel pain, loss, fear this is the one language we are all fluent.

It passes. It goes. It does. It blows.

You however are constant.

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