Consume vs Make

Take a look outside.

Do you see the countless possibilities that are possible or do you see the weather that you don’t like?

Is the glass half empty or half full?

Is most of your day filled with thoughts of abundance or of thoughts of scarcity?

Real Life Examples of Scarcity

‘Have to do this now whilst I still have the time!’

‘Not many promotions at work’

‘Can’t be too nice to her otherwise she’ll go someplace else’

‘It’s the only one I can do’

‘Not enough market for it’

Yes these are all real life examples that I have heard over the years and past few days. If words are the mirror to our soul, what does this say about yours?

Abundance Mindset

Switching to an abundance mindset is not thinking everything is cherry and the grass is greener? It is merely taking things at face value with a view of continuation, improvement and positive thinking.

‘There are jobs out there, just have to find them’

‘The glass is half full’

‘Did not get onto this grad scheme but I will try the others’

‘What value can I bring to my organisation?’

These aren’t the be all and end all but a slight change in how something is said, even to yourself has a dramatic impact on the future results.

It’s I CAN not I cannot.

Be Super.