The older we get it’s not the energy that changes but where we focus it…

You think back to 10 years ago. You had an abundance of time. So many things crossing your mind. So much to do. So many friends. One of the pitfalls of prioritisation.

Being at whim to pressing matters. It seemed it would never end. Yet you somehow find the power to do them all.

We age.

We gain clarity of thought. Nothing surprises you. Less things scare you. You lose those who were close before. The skin becomes thicker. The nerves grow shorter. Your capacity to accept things as the way they are is at an all time high. Yet you accept less. Your focus changes.

The main difference between them is that through repetition and knowledge of self you learn your output. You acquire a keen eye to where it should not be.

Are you spending your time and energy today focusing on things you won’t worry about in 5–10 years?

Be Super