Fragility of Life Primer

In the space of less than a week someone close to me was diagnosed with terminal cancer, his life expectancy, 2 years. Not 20, not 50, 2. A kid, a home, a business, a loving wife. I had always aspired to be like this friend but the first thing he told me? ‘I have no regrets, I’ll probably beat it anyway’. I sat and thought to myself, can I say that about my life now?

Can you wake up in the morning and truthfully hand on heart say you are going to do your best today in whichever endeavour you partake?

Can you make that cereal or coffee the best way you can?

Can you be in the best shape you ever have been?

Can you make the right choices today that you will be happy to say ‘ I have no regrets’ if death were to come knocking tomorrow.

I couldn’t.

This man could because he always lived in his true north, daring to be bold everyday, always wanting more everyday, pushing for excellence in every little way.

So I rephrase all of this to you and myself too. What would you do today if you learnt you had two years left to live? Would you go for your dream career. Would you marry your spouse. Save for the future. Not save. Make connections with people you have lost contact with.

Now borrow some of those answers, those elements and pour them into your everyday. Live absolutely foolishly. Make mistakes. We have one of these bad boys and I for one am not living them for anyone else. What is your true north?

Be Super.