Gratitude Primer

Woke up today as I do at the earliest hours of the morning, aside my partner and the first action of my day now is writing in my 5 minute journal.

Now for those that do no know this is a diary of the sorts where you start your day off writing down things you are grateful for and end your day kind of reviewing the day and amazing things that happened.

This has allowed me to take great inventory in my life and simply enjoy some of the more subtle things.

Just an example for me today on my walk in to the office:

  • The nature around me

Not many if any get to experience such beautiful views this early in the morning especially living in the city but I have a huge park and lots of greenery (no filter here).

  • A short walk to the station

Even if by some freak accident I am late leaving my home? I know it’s not too bad as I am a stones throw away from my public transport.

You can’t have an abundant mindset with one of scarcity at the same time.

You can’t have a grateful frame of mind and be angry/bitter in unison.

Make the better choice for yourself and how you see the world.

Start small.

What two things are you grateful for today?

Be Super.

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