How NOT to manage your team

I have had the luxury to lead, be apart of and personally be f***’d by the great management skills of a circus monkey (sorry monkeys you do not deserve such harsh words).

A cohesive team…

So we see here how many leaders imagine their teams. Under their total and utter control (if you have not played said game above? I implore you to it’s actually pretty fun). 
Essentially I am going to give you a guide to be a shitty leader of men and women in work.

  • Treat them like numbers
  • Only show you care when you need something
  • Alienate them because they don’t have same hobbies/likes
  • Agree with them….and they say ‘but’
  • Say their name wrong. Continuously

If you follow these steps carefully you can be a dis-functional f*** up of a manager too. 
Feel free to leave some of your own examples of this type of great management too!

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