Looking Towards The Future

Living the now. Living the moment you are in is worldly advice that crosses over many languages and cultures. It is a shame not many apply the same energy towards their future.

The Big F Word

Scary for some. The thought of something not tangible can cause many to completely disregard it however you can also use your future for your strengths of today.

These three things highlight important areas of a life.

  • Financial Independence
  • Retirement
  • Spirituality
  • Legacy
  • Health

Applying a sample question of phrase to one really helps you apply a compass or direction.

1. What steps am I taking to bring me closer to Financial Independence everyday?

2. How much do I need on a monthly basis to bring me closer to an early retirement?

3. What can I do today that allows me to be closer to my internal beliefs?

4. What am I leaving behind and for whom?

5. What type of body do I want in the next 20 years? How can I today give myself the best chance at getting it.

At any point in time we are in a duel with 3 parts of ourselves. The past that holds us down, the present where we lose ourselves and the forgotten future we only care about tomorrow. Balancing all 3 is a life long skill but that’s the thing, life is long, arduous and slow. Take your time they say but also do not waste it as it does not return and the future will always follow you.

Be Super.