Sticking To The Plan

As I write this I am on my bed just from an operation so sorry if I’m not very wordy today but this is kind of the subject today. ‘Sticking to it’ regardless.

perilous mountain of discipline

We’ve all been there. Set big goals. Big dreams. Big ambitions and for the few of us? We have had the luxury of sticking to them. No one however ever talks about when we get thrown off track, or as people famously say and I’m not particularly fond of ‘life happens’. 
What do you do now?

The thing about the process is it’s just that a process, it is a journey you must partake no matter how long it takes or how far away you get from your goal, so the first step is to COMMIT.

Once you have faced a few adversities and setbacks (which you will) the most important step that is overlooked and probably the most crucial is to REDUCE THE SCOPE. Yes you said you would do gym 7 days a week but now you have a demanding job that takes all your time so you stop right? Wrong. It is more important you building the habit than the actions you partake in it. You can always bolster up the amount of times you go to the gym but you can not bolster up the habit of going. In this case instead of 7 try 3 mornings of 10 minutes.

Most importantly as I write this wreathing in pain the most critical of them all is to do just that STICK TO THE DAMN THING.

Be More Than Great.

Be Better Than Most.

Be Super

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