The Quarter Life Crisis…..

First post but really diving into the thick of it right?
Now Imagine, you’re 5 years old, life is going fantastic, all the food you want in the world with no worries. Sleep anywhere. Someone actually picks up your poop for free? The world is your oyster. The dreams of being a Astronaut, a Marital Artist even Superman are all open to you.

Now abruptly flash forward to age 25, you’re sitting at a desk, body slowly withering away, dodgy left knee, not excited and micromanaged the s*** out of on a daily basis. Hey. Welcome to the future buddy. Welcome to your quarter life crisis.

The Beginning….

Where does it start? Where your ideals and what you believe to be possible gets concaved by the stresses and pressure of life? When that sparkling light gets snuffed faster than you can recall your alphabet.
I could go on and blame the schools, institutions and the like but both of those were great for me, in fact without both of those I would not have gone on many of the paths of my life that have led me here.
Therein lies the paradox.
Is all of this supposed to happen to me on my path to being the best I can be?

Not having the stern parental guidance of a father may have given me the unique outlook that only we can have about manhood and given me space to build my own perception of a man BUT a big BUT it is sometimes nice to have a GPS.

Growing Pains

After all the entrepreneurial hustle that was muscled during my early 20's? I just feel like I’ve squandered all of that by doing EXACTLY what I said I would not do.
Got a job. A boring one at that. Mismatched culture fit. Micromanagement. Living check to check. You can not have wrote a better horror script even if you tried.
All of that vision stuff, passion for what you do and blah blah I never really thought it would affect me but inherently it does.

So what did I take away from all this?

  • Values: what are the ideals I stand for?
  • Direction: where the hell am I going?
  • Health: a healthy mind resides in a healthy body

Without going into strenuous detail just breaking myself down into these 3 simple criteria ultimately asking ‘Who is the type of person I want to be?’ was a big game changer in my attitude.
Don’t get me wrong, I still am not satisfied with my current situation but I am making the necessary steps everyday no matter how small to become the person that deserves more than what I have now.

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