The Sunken Place…

This concept made me laugh whilst watching the film ‘Get Out’ but for all the wrong reasons not attached to the film.
That feeling of being in a helpless situation, NOT having the power or strength to change the outcome, just you know sitting their and having to absorb the reality and what is unfolding.
Don’t worry this is a spoiler free zone.

The feels

Sounds pretty tense but most of us are like this with our:
- Jobs we don’t like but tell ourselves we still have to be there at the cost of our own happiness
- Relationships we’re in because it is all we know
- People we hang around with because we dare not be alone by ourselves with time to think about anything

This here today is to remind you, if no one else has today that YOU will get through this. If you do not hear your friends, hear me then just hear these words.

Tough times don’t last, tough people do

There are a ensemble of great quotes and proverbs that can be dished out today? But for me personally this has always strung a different kind of cord.
I wish it does the same for you.

The light

There is always light where there is darkness.
This too shall pass.

Be Super.

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