The Super Power of Gratitude

What if I told you?…that you could be stronger, faster, live longer, be a better sexual partner, learn faster, forgive easier, cure depression, cure the common cold, mitigate illnesses! You’d call me crazy right?

The key to any lasting success is continuous action.

What is normally envisioned when people see ‘gratitude’

I know what you’re thinking. What do ‘success’ and ‘gratitude’ have in common with one another. In fact an AWFUL alot.
Without getting into the slimy wimey timey stuff (yes I am a Dr Who fan) gratitude and a higher sense of being are linked directly with a healthy mind. If you still don’t believe me here.

Yet we all overlook this.

If I had to break down my day I show my own gratitude in 3 main places.

As soon as I wake up, cold shower first thing in the morning and during both times I meditate during the day. Not long, just 5 minutes every single day. We’ve lost connection with the ‘amazing’ things that happen on our day to day. Things like:-

  • waking up with a warm bed
  • working and functioning brain
  • your looks
  • your sexual parts
  • ability to read
  • someone smiled at you on the train in the morning
  • family member called you and asked a random question for the 2999th time

We’ve become numb to the amazing things in our lives in hopes of something BIG with special thanks to social media for training our inner gratification monkey.

So today just try 5 minutes today being thankful for just one thing today, don’t over-extend and list 25 things just start small and remember consistent small action builds to be a force.


All the best superhumans!

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