What YOU Will Show Up Today?

Was browsing through Twitter and something sparked inside me whilst I read this.

What I believe put into a sentence none other by a man I look up to, my mentor, friend and spiritual father.


‘I’m not a morning person’

‘Things like this tend to make me mad’

‘I can’t stop when I’m like this’

‘It’s just the way I am can’t ever change this'

Unless you are a 2 year old without control of your bladder nor trained to go on the toilet these things are well within your circle of things you can control.

So why do these excuses show up time and time again and we allow them to infect our lives?



It is very hard to humble ones self if one always believes they are correct and therein lies the problem. We can not always be. Life is full of ups and downs so it is a conscious decision everyday for this. It must become a habit.

Responsibility is a funny one. It is far easier to blame someone else or something else for our short comings than to tackle the unknown or place ourselves in an uncomfortable position.

The long and short of all this is:

Everyday is a battle between the you that sees your current circumstance and the you who sees tomorrow.

There has to be a delicate balance as it is true you can not and should not measure yourself against today’s circumstance as it is yesterday’s doing on the other hand you can not also live always for tomorrow because it is never promised.

Focus on what you can control. The person you are today. The opportunities you take today. How you show up. Are you the best you can be today? If not then what is the point of living. Be the best you can be and I promise you life will never be boring again.

Be Super.

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