With Age Comes…

Absolutely nothing. Let us dispel this myth that is thoroughly entrenched in society.


You have a few years under your belt. Hairs have turned grey. You now believe you have gained some next level clarity? I am sorry to tell you, you are barely any different.


Age does not automatically = wisdom. As the years go by sure you have a considerable amount of time to take your shots but what happens when you do not take any? How will you acquire the experience then?

Falsely believing that in time you will gain new insights to old problems is equivalent to Einstein’s thoughts on insanity. The one thing age does allow is more chances to swing the bat, to try another angle to gain experience.


When I was younger I believed dating older people would conversely be better than younger as they were more ‘sexually experienced’ and had less ‘stress’. Well…was I wrong. It is genuinely a number.


One person has been at their place of work for 10 years yet people who have been there for 3 weeks are surpassing them. Why does the rule of Age = Wisdom not apply here?

It is all about application of the knowledge gained and how they have iterated the process of creating themselves again and again. You can still be the same person you were at 45 with a mindset from your tender teenage years.

Take insights. Fail. Make learnings. Fall on your face. Rise up.

Be Super.