You Are Not Broken…

You are not broken.

You still take breath.

Your heart still beats.

Your soul still weeps.

The anger never sleeps.

You are broken.

Hardships being your co pilot on the path to excellency.

The ascendancy, to your throne will be filled with their ashes and bone.

And they dared to mock you before.

You are not broken.

You will fall.

You will bleed.

The pain will be immense.

You will fuckin succeed.

You are not broken.

Your mind will play tricks on you as illusions are more comforting from the reality.

You are weak now but this is not forever.

Don’t make it your speciality to console yourself….Pledge however, you will not give up NEVER.

You are not broken.

Their kingdoms will fall and yours shall reign.

For that we know is a given.

In the meantime now you must deal with the pain.

Payed in advance for your new living.

Your are not broken.

And as you walk across the battlefield bruised and not beaten.

Solely remember this chant deep into the reaches of the night.

‘I put up a fight, oh yes that’s right, with all my damn might….I WILL DEFEAT THEM’.

You are not broken.

You will ascend.

Let’s not pretend.

We knew this from the start.

But regardless of riches and all the bitches.

Live true to what’s in your heart.

You are not broken.

At the end of trauma is where triumph lives.

Catharsis doesn’t come from a place of comfort.

Through the trials and tribunals a seed is born, align yourself with your humus, the struggle is just fertiliser for your forest of greatness.

Be Super.

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