Ramzy Ajem

“Make things easy and do not make things difficult.” In this HadIith of the Prophet ﷺ lies the great educational foundation that this manual follows.

In his commentary on the above mentioned Hadith, Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani, one of the most authoritative Islamic scholars, noted that: “The content [here] is suitable for new Muslims.” Since the readership of this manual is precisely the new Muslim, we made sure to take this Prophetic guidance to heart. Ibn Hajar continued: “Thus, learning knowledge ought to be gradual. If a subject matter is easy from the outset, it becomes appealing to the one going into it and it also causes him to receive it with delight.”

The goal of this book is to present to the new Muslim an engaging and well-rounded explanation of the fundamentals of Islam, the basics of Iman, and the path of Ihsan. Furthermore, it endeavours to provide some key ethical virtues and practical counsels that every new Muslim needs.

In order for our pedagogical model to fulfill its objectives, the contents of this book are arranged according to the Prophetic order presented in the famous Hadiith of Gabriel. The elaboration in each section is introductory, personal, and tailored for newcomers to the religion. The language used is clear and deliberately non-academic. Comprehensive proofs and theological details are kept to a minimum.

To help the new Muslim integrate into contemporary society, it concludes with a practical lifestyle section based on the rights and responsibilities humans have in relation to God, their selves, and the world around them. To ensure further study, a recommended reading section is also included to direct new Muslims towards authentic and normative religious teachings.

One of the challenges many new Muslims face is becoming familiar with the large number of religious terms expressed in Arabic. In order to minimize confusion and facilitate learning, these terms, when used, are repeatedly given succinct definitions and are placed in a glossary at the end of the book.

To make this book appealing and relevant to as wide an audience as possible, it is supplied with easy to understand charts, inspiring illustrations and images, and important advice distilled from the experiences and lessons of Muslim men and women who were once newcomers to the revealed path of Islam.

Although it is encouraged to study this material with a qualified teacher, the content and carefully designed layout are accessible for independent learners. Specific teachings on purification, prayer, and fasting can be found in the companion volume titled The Revealed Path: First Instructions on Worship.

It is hoped that this book will facilitate a better understanding of the religion of Islam for new Muslims, an understanding that enables them to adjust to their newfound faith with a sense of proportion, balance, and moderation.

Ajem, Ramzy. (2010) The Revealed Path, A Guide Book for New Muslims. 1st Edition, UAE, Zayd House for Islamic Culture.




Ramzy Ajem

Ramzy Ajem is a classically trained teacher in the Islamic sciences, and has over twenty years of experience in the field of Islamic Education,