Did We Create The Universe?

In the scientific community, we have a satisfactory understanding of how our universe began. From the Big Bang Theory to the Cosmic Inflation Theory, our understanding of how our universe started from a singularity to the wide array of matter such as stars, planets, black holes, and gas has significantly improved over the past 100 years or so. However, we have yet to propose a plausible mechanism of the initial event that changed a point in space from nothing to something.

While learning about the theories and models explaining the method through which, we think, our universe was born; a question came to my attention. What if humans or other species in the future were able to use General Relativity, perfect time travel, and went back in time to create the universe? It is a very weird possibility with very unusual implications and inconsistencies. After some research, I realized that the concept of time travel back in the past and causing an event is called the Causal Loop. It implies that there is the possibility that it might be a never-ending cycle of the universe creating us so we can go back and create the universe, and so forth.

Causal Loop in terms of pool balls

Since it is essentially a loop, it has no start and no end; therefore, neither event was the cause nor was the other the effect. One of the inconsistencies of this idea is the absence of any time travelers that we have encountered in the past or present. If future humans or future species perfected the technology to do so, why do we not see them visiting us now? Another crazy idea is what if they did visit? What if Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton went back in time and “stole” well-established theories and proposed them as their own in the past? Keep in mind that Newton developed theories on calculus, optics, and the law of gravitation before turning 25 years old!

Overall, it is a mind-boggling proposal that comes with interesting implications and complications. The possibility of it being true is slim, yet not far-fetched. This provides an extremely fertile material for creative artists to inspire the scientific community of the possibilities we, as scientists, could not have imagined.

Do you think it’s possible? Or do I have a few screws loose in my head?