Entrepreneur? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Out On The Twitter Platform

A lot has changed for Twitter in the last couple of years. From being the center of heated political debates to battling incessant trolling — it never veered too far from the top headlines. However, with so much going on it’s easy to miss the bottom line — the company has found its stride: It’s profitable, growing, and its importance is universally acknowledged. Despite being declared as dead countless times — hey, it makes for a good headline! — Twitter is more alive than ever.

We are not here, however, for another discussion about the merits of 280 characters, trolls or Russian meddling. Don’t get us wrong — these are serious topics, and you’ll find great discussion of them… elsewhere. Today we’d like to focus on why Twitter is a great tool, a data source and a key platform for some of the most important trends in tech.

Reason 1: It’s Open

In case you haven’t noticed, the internet is not as open as it used to be. Sure, you can spin your own website any time, but discovery, traffic and data are all increasingly owned or gated by the tech giants.

Twitter stands out as the most open platform of the major tech and social platforms. Sure, being an open network sometimes means that users go through more pain (anyone can roll their own trolling bot, after all) — but it also means more opportunities for entrepreneurs to create innovative services, experiment with new ideas and offer solutions to the problems users are encountering.

On Twitter, anyone can talk to anyone. The conversations are out in the open and as a result, people and businesses are tweeting more and engaging more with each other in ways you can’t really see on other platforms. On Twitter you’ll find some of the most interesting interdisciplinary conversations around, from media to tech to finance to the current crypto wave — you just need to know where to look.

… and yes, you do need to know where to look. Twitter has more noise and even a certain degree of mess than in other mediums, and it does require more effort on users’ behalf to get around. However, this is exactly where we as entrepreneurs and businesses can step in and offer great products to help Twitter users thrive — so the platform’s openness not only creates a problem, it also enables the solution.

Shameless plug: We’re starting the official Twitter Developer Community in Israel. If you’re around and want to learn more on how to leverage and build on Twitter, join us! Our first event is in March 21st.

Reason 2: Quality, Stable API

At Commun.it, we’ve been developing on top of (almost) every social platform for over 5 years now. I can say with certainty that Twitter has the most comfortable and open API of them all.

In contrast to some other networks, Twitter is supportive of its users using third-party tools to access the network. Sure, other networks allow it, but Twitter is the most supportive of it: Apparently, the people at Twitter understand how rich the network is and how different users may need different tools to make the best use of it. In practice, this means Twitter offers the richest API to interact with its platform.

The proof is in the pudding: Twitter’s API is simple to use, well-documented and stable. Twitter has a clear roadmap that it openly shares with developers. While Facebook is quite limiting for apps, Instagram is going through a lot of changes that introduce new limitations, and LinkedIn works only with partners —while Twitter is staying committed to being an open platform, while still emphasizing quality and fighting trolling and other forms of abuse of the platform.

Thanks to all of this, Twitter has a great community of people building around it. There is a lively developers forum, with very responsive members from Twitter and beyond. There are also local communities (here’s ours!) where you can hang out, learn and meet with fellow developers who are building on Twitter — all with official support from the Twitter mothership.

Reason 3: Growth Hacking, Baby!

As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for channels and ways to grow our reach and business outside the box — and Twitter is one of the best places to do that.

Now, don’t take this the wrong way — you should only apply the “good”, constructive kind of growth hacking, and Twitter is increasingly smart about preventing abuse of the platform. However, if you do choose to engage on constructive growth hacking — for instance, demonstrating thought leadership, reaching out and engaging with people who are relevant to your mission, and sharing relevant content (our platform can help you do all that) — you’ll find that Twitter is a fertile ground. Just be sure that you’re adding to the ecosystem and not taking away, and you’ll do well.

Reason 4: Data, Data and More Data

If data is your thing (and it probably should be), there’s no better source to consume and analyze it than Twitter. With over 500M tweets sent every day — tweets that cover pretty much every subject or trend you can think of — there’s plenty of data to work with. Twitter knows this and is quite open in the type of access it allows: It is extremely easy the consume the data and do all sorts of analysis on it. See here and here for some official examples.

In summary, Twitter is a platform you really can’t miss out on. In a world that’s becoming increasingly dominated by platforms, Twitter stands out as a platform that’s open to data consumption and distribution — as long as you’re a constructive player in the ecosystem.

At Commun.it, we are thankful to the Twitter team for the value they’ve enabled us create for our customers over the years — and we want to help others create value on Twitter, too. To that end, we’re starting the official Twitter Developer Community in Israel. Come join us for our inaugural event where you can learn about the latest developments, see the innovative things others are building and get inspired!!

Written by Itamar Rogel & Ran Margaliot — March 13, 2018