Was Twitter right to remove the beheading video of James Foley?

James wright Foley was an american photo journalist, who faced a gruesome death on the hands of ISIS. A video which viewed the beheading act was released on social media. This targeted is meant to show a clear interpretation of what ISIS is capable of . The act itself is gruesome , more so recording and spreading it across the web sets a new shocking truth regarding this un-human organization.

After the video was wide spread on the internet , twitter made the decision to remove it upon the requests of the deceit’s family and friends. Claiming that this video only harms the family and benefits ISIS’S goal to reach millions with free advertising of their animalistic act .

The act of removing the video has caused a lot of controversy regarding the ethical rights which were discussed to advocate this judgment . Some of the public supported the removal by stating that this act was paying respect to the dead , and the right for every human being to be remembered with dignity, in addition to cutting the free advertisement of ISIS and putting their rain of terror to an end by boycotting the video. While others, mainly the general public feel that this video is public right , and the information it withholds about the cruelty of such beings should be widely known and then fought.

Yet in this era where such social media platforms stand out as free public rostrums that provide uncensored information, one should not remove important information from the public sphere . People exercise selective exposure all around social media , therefore is choice is given to those who which to restrain from viewing , but is still available for those who believe that it’s their right to see and then judge.

Although their are graphical warning that are snickered on rated R videos, the accuracy of such claims on twitter are not constantly valid .

James Foley was a journalist who was covering the Syrian war during his capture , he knew the risks and still he went on to report from the center of the war-zone , he deserves to be remembered in dignity , but his story needs to be shown, so that people could expose such organizations for their appalling acts.

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